2009-2014 F150 Mesh Lower Grille / Limited Chrome


13 Limited (Chrome)

Product Details

Complete the look of your truck with a distinctive style grille, carefully designed and constructed to fit perfectly in the lower bumper opening. Our lower grilles allow enough air flow to utilize your Ecoboost’s motor at its fullest potential while protecting your intercooler and other hardware at the same time.

Each of these diamond mesh style lower grilles are made from high-strength, stock-style ABS and REAL chrome plated with a shiny finish to match the look your OEM upper grille. 

Installation is extremely easy and does not require drilling or removing your truck's bumper. In a matter of seconds, this 1-piece kit simply snaps securely into place using the bolt holes that are commonly used for front-mounted license plates.

Best suited for: 2013-2014 Limited, also looks great with 2009-2012 models.


Q:  Will my block heater fit through the grille?

A:  It will for a 2-bar style grille, but we recommend re-routing down to the driver side tow hook opening.

Q:  What is it made of?


Q:  Will it affect the airflow to my intercooler?

A:  No. We’ve never had customers report of any airflow issues, even under heavy towing loads.

Q:  How hard is it to install?

A:  No additional hardware is required for installation. No tools, no drilling holes, grille comes pre-assembled and ready to click into place.

Watch our 46-second installation video here:

Q:  Will any version fit my truck?

A:  ANY version of Boost-Bars will fit any 2009 to 2014 Ford F150. (Only exception is 2009 to 2012 Limited and Harley Davidson Editions)

Q:  Why doesn’t my grille fit my 2014 Ecoboost?

A:  In 2014 Ford started to put a small bezel in the opening so it doesn’t look so unfinished. It removes easily in 5 minutes and Boost-Bars will fit in its place in 5 Seconds. Tools required: 5.5mm Socket, ratchet, and a clip removal tool. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is:

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